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Consular processing is a method for certain family members of U.S. citizens or permanent residents to obtain a visa. Generally, the consulate/embassy issues a visa based on an approved family petition once the consular processing fees and all relevant paperwork have been completed and approved. Nevertheless, there may be instances where the process is more complicated and costly than that. Because of that, it’s important to seek the advice of an attorney when dealing with consular processing.

The Law Office of Randi Megan Otwell works on your behalf. She analyzes the situation to find solutions to your immigration needs. Attorney Otwell has years of experience assisting families to navigate immigration law. Through her efforts, she has reunited many families who now live happily as legal residents within the United States.

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Family-Based Visa

If you are interested in obtaining a family-based visa via consular processing, the first step is you must have an approved petition filed by a qualifying family member. There are two primary categories of relatives that US Immigration considers:

  • Family Preference – This category is mostly restricted to blood relatives and includes unmarried, adult children of US citizens (F1); spouses and unmarried children under 21 of permanent residents (F2A); unmarried, adult children of permanent residents (F2B); married children of US citizens (F3); and siblings of adult US citizens (F4).
  • Immediate Relative – Similar to the above, this consular processing category includes spouses of US citizens (IR1); unmarried children under 21 of US citizens (IR2); orphans adopted abroad by a US citizen (IR3) or those to be adopted after arrival (IR4); and parents of adult US citizens (IR5).

Your relative must fill out the Form I-130 in order to go through consular processing. If your petition is approved, it will be given to the Department of State’s National Visa Center until a visa is ready for you.

Consular Processing Fees

This method of applying for a visa is not without its costs. Standard government fees include: the petition filing fee, the visa application fee, the affidavit of support fee, and cost for green card production. Beyond that, there may be fees for additional paperwork, such as waivers. Having an experienced immigration attorney review and submit your applications is an additional cost. Still, the office strives to offer assistance with the process that fits your budget. To achieve this, the firm is efficiently structured and centered around a qualified attorney who provides personal care for her clients.

The firm offers flat fees for services to allow clients to know the approximate cost up front and offers payment plans so that clients are still getting high cost service without having to pay it all up front. The firm will consider several factors when determining costs, such as the number of applicants. Attorney Otwell will also look at situational complications that may delay or present hurdles during the application process. Attorney Otwell will work carefully with you, explain expected challenges and complications, and develop a plan to overcome those obstacles.

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Family Immigration Lawyer Near Me

When it comes to your family, your instinct is likely to want the best for them. This firm understands that desire, so Attorney Otwell works diligently to provide the best legal support possible. So put your mind at ease if you are wondering, “Is there a reliable family immigration lawyer near me?” While the firm aims to be conscious of financial constraints, Attorney Otwell will not sacrifice anything when it comes to diligence or quality. The smallest error on an application can result in a significant delay or rejection, as well as wasted money. To avoid this, she won’t cut any corners.

Let the Law Office of Randi Megan Otwell assist you with the difficult process of consular processing. Your family members’ visas depend on her correctly filling out all the details. She takes that responsibility seriously, so she will communicate with you openly and clearly throughout the entire process. So call her office when you need help with consular processing. You’ll be glad you did.

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