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Those who need a visa waiver (Form I-601) may find themselves in a complicated situation. Because of this, you may want an immigration waiver attorney who is willing and able to help with any sort of waiver. Completing the forms correctly is important, so discussing your situation and the Visa Waiver Program with a qualified attorney before you start the process can be beneficial.

The Law Office of Randi Megan Otwell is an Irving, TX-based firm that will review your situation to determine which waivers, if any, are needed, and whether you qualify for the waiver. Attorney Otwell gives personal attention to each case and client and will assist you with filing a waiver application and supporting documents that meet the legal requirement.

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We Can Assist You with Your Visa Waiver Application

Waivers of Inadmissibility, or visa waivers, may be required in a number of scenarios. The specific ground the applicant is trying to waive governs the legal standard used, the required evidence, whether extreme hardship must be shown, and which qualifying relatives can be utilized to meet the extreme hardship standard, if required. If you are ruled ineligible for any reason to obtain a visa, adjustment of status, or other immigration benefit, Attorney Otwell can review your situation to determine an advisable strategy.

Attorney Otwell can also provide assistance with Form I-212, which is used to waive inadmissibility for applicants who were removed from the United States, or who departed from the United States on their own, after the issuance of a removal order when the period of inadmissibility due to those circumstances has not run. The approval of this waiver is discretionary and Attorney Otwell can help you with your waiver application. Contact her office to learn more about this waiver.

We Will Carefully Review the 601 Waiver Application Steps with You

USCIS provides a helpful checklist for applicants to review prior to submitting the application for a 601 Waiver. It consists of a list of evidence that you should submit with the application. Due to its substantial size, it can be helpful to review it with a qualified immigration waiver attorney. Whether you are filing a Form I-601 stateside or abroad, the required documentary evidence can be confusing. An experienced waiver attorney can assist you in determining the evidence required and prepare a package detailing your circumstances and why the waiver should be granted.

Ready to explore the world? Learn how the Visa Waiver Program can simplify your travel plans with expert guidance from an attorney in Irving, TX. The Law Office of Randi Megan Otwell can assist with a range of immigration-related needs, including VAWA visas, green card applications, and more. Consider calling today for more information.

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