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There may come a time when a family member would like to obtain permanent residence in the United States. You may be interested in sponsoring them but are unfamiliar with the process. When you would like the assistance of a lawyer who can provide you with immigration legal services, consider working with the Law Office of Randi Megan Otwell. Based in Irving, TX, Attorney Otwell is a family-based immigration attorney with years of experience. She can answer a variety of questions surrounding family-based immigration. Additionally, she offers payment plans to help make the immigration lawyer cost more affordable. Choose an immigration law firm that is truly committed to your family’s best interests—call The Law Offices of Randi Megan Otwell today for family-based immigration law services.

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Partner with a Qualified Family Immigration Lawyer

Attorney Otwell is a qualified and experienced family-based immigration lawyer based in Irving, TX. She is available to assist you for any family-based immigration needs. She has a thorough understanding of US immigration law and will use that to successfully guide you through the process.

Some of the main reasons that may prompt you to seek an immigration lawyer include:

  • Visa Questions – If you are presently in the United States under a non-immigrant visa (for example, a student visa or work visa), you may be wondering how getting married could affect your current status. Alternatively, you may have a qualifying family member in the United States that could file a petition for you that would allow you to become a permanent resident. Thankfully there is an immigration lawyer in the Irving, TX region that can help. Attorney Otwell can answer your questions about permanent residency and assist you with the required paperwork.
  • Application Delays and Denials – Another common situation that may prompt you to contact an immigration attorney is that you may fail to receive a response. For example, you may fail to receive a response to an application you’ve submitted some time ago. Alternatively, you may have received a denial in response to your application and need help to file an appeal or motion.

If you are searching for a knowledgeable family immigration lawyer, please consider contacting the Law Office of Randi Megan Otwell. Call today to schedule your appointment.

An Immigration Law Firm That Can Help You Through Any Issue that May Arise

For all family-based green cards/visas, the first step in the process is petitioning for your family member by filing a Form I-130. If your family member is in the United States, they may be eligible to file their green card/adjustment of status application (Form I-485) simultaneously. In each case, the forms and required documentation will vary, which is why the assistance of experienced immigration law firm is so valuable.

The application process can be complicated, and you may be anxious to find an immigration lawyer in order to navigate it. The Law Office of Randi Megan Otwell is available to help with any family-based immigration issue. With almost a decade of experience, she is qualified to help explain the application process and handle submitting the required documentation. Call the firm today to arrange a consultation! Get assistance if you’re near Irving, TX, or the surrounding areas.

Attorney Otwell can also assist with K1 visas, provide you with information on the visa waiver program, and more. Call our firm today to arrange a consultation! Get assistance if you’re near Irving, TX, or the surrounding areas.

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